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Fangs by AustrianHetaliaRealm
I was in a very vampire mood yesterday. 

and plus I haven't posted in a while so I'm posting now
Art Bomb 2 by AustrianHetaliaRealm
Art Bomb 2
This is the blonde pigtailed character btw. Her name is amel and this one is based off an old drawing I did of her that I never posted.
Art Bomb 1 by AustrianHetaliaRealm
Art Bomb 1
HEre's a show of my new artstyle that you all haven't seen for a while.

This is one of my old character's (yknow, the one with the pigtails and blonde hair) redesigns. Time changes a person
Hello there. 

I just want to address a topic I find I need to talk about. Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but I just want people to see things in my light for a second. I don't care if you disagree.

There have been two people, two good friends in my life who have said they might has aspergers/autism.

If you don't know some signs, some are not being good at socializing, over-sensitive senses at times (can cause migraines), and such.

And they saw these and they said they might have aspergers. 

I may have seen the cases wrong, but they sounded like having autism is the end of the world.

Why do I have any right to say in this? I was born with autism. The bestest friends I've ever had may or have autism/aspergers. 

It's just an obstacle. 

And with the right diagnosis, and the right people, you can get help

I have an IEP, which means Individual Education plan, and that helps a lot. I get extended time on assignments because I have a hard time with organization and focus. (I also have some adhd, partly cuz I haven't sacrificed artificial coloring and high fructose yet. I also get to talk to a school psychologist once a week, or when I need to and they have the time. 

I know the ones I'm talking about don't like talking to people, but you can get help. They're not always oblivious or stupid and can't see the situation. 

You just need the right people for help, and I've been so fortunate. 

I have completely supportive parents, great school psychologist (though she doesn't always seem like it), and a great person who helps with my ieps. 

If you have any other questions for me, or anything I forgot or something, feel free to note me or comment. 

Sorry for the rantyness. I just don't think Autism, more specifically Aspergers means the end of the world for a person. It's just an obstacle that, with the right help, can be not a problem
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Hi. . .
I'm your average weird, clueless fangirl

I've finally gotten out of my otaku phase, and now is starting to finally craft my style and make it good.

I am still in high school though.

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